Hi there! Tired of copyrighted stuff? Concerned about the origin of photos found through search engines like Google and Yahoo? Confused About Copyright Law? Afraid of being sued for inappropriate image usage?

Welcome to slon.pics, a stock-like source with a hand-picked collection of images published under nonprofit, easy-to-use and free of copyright restrictions Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.


slon.pics was created by Kirill M (me), a Cyprus based graphic designer and photographer.
After a decade of work I’ve accumulated a surplus of thousands of files that I don’t want to let die on a hard drive, so I’ve decided to give them away for free.


To provide a collection of high quality images available for free, to help organizations and individuals bring their ideas to life.

Whether you are looking for pictures for your blogs, websites, news articles, press releases, power point presentation or business and marketing materials – you are in the right place, browse through thousands of pictures free of charge even for commercial use.

BTW this is an ongoing project and will be updated monthly or even more frequently if all goes well


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